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WoodsEdge Community Church 01/18/2015
Jesus In The Gospel Of Luke Series
Luke 12:1-12
Jeff Wells

If we walk honestly and rest in God’s deep grace and loving provision, we need fear no one else, and God’s Spirit will give us the very words to say as we speak up for Him.

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My Notes from Jeff’s message

  • Authenticity: Be real, no masks (Luke 12:1-3)
    • Matt 26:38 Jesus was real. He confesses that he is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of wanting to die. He asks for the help of his disciples.
    • When do you put on a mask to impress others rather than being yourself and being real?
  • Fear: Fear God, not people (Luke 12:4-5)
    • “Either we fear God and nothing else, or we don’t fear God and fear everything else.”
    • What is God saying to you about your fears?
  • Love: God is compassionate, tender and gentle (Luke 12:6-7)
    • The one you should fear most, cares about every detail of your life. God loves you personally.
    • “When we live in the love of God, we begin to pay attention to people the way God pays attention to us.” John Ortburg
    • When did you last experience the overwhelming sensation of the personal, tender love of God?
  • Stand Up Boldly for Christ (Luke 12:8-9)
    • Reality: If we don’t acknowledge Jesus, he will not acknowledge us.
    • Talk with Jesus about areas where you resist speaking up for Him.
  • Unforgivable Sin (Luke 12:10)
    • Blasphemy is about the life-long rejection of the Holy Spirit’s witness to Jesus.
    • If you have not accepted the Holy Spirit’s testimony of Jesus, will you do that now?
  • Depend on the Holy Spirit (Luke 12:11-12)
    • The Holy Spirit lives in us to guide us in all situations.
    • Ask God to reveal where you need to depend more on His Spirit this week.


Five Studies to use with this message

Studies written by Lisa Crum
These studies have not been reviewed or approved by WoodsEdge.

Authenticity:  Galatians 2:11-13

Read from the beginning of Galatians to grasp the tone and background.

What was Cephas (Peter) doing before the people came from James (Judean Christians) [v12]? What does Peter do when these Jewish Christians arrive [v12]? Why? How does this impact other Jewish Christians living in Antioch [v13]? How have you experienced a similar situation? Listen to God’s loving, gentle response to you about times you feel you change or simply keep quiet to fit in or appear to be something you are not?

Fear:  Esther 4:1-16

Find time to read the entire book of Esther if you are not familiar with this story.

Why are the Jews so distraught [vv 7-8]? What instruction does Mordecai give his niece, Esther [v8]? Why does she not want to follow his instructions [v11]? How does Esther respond after Mordecai addresses her fears [vv13-16]? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal a recent time you were in a position to make a difference but chose to do nothing because of fear? What is the worst thing that could happen to you if you faced that fear? What is the best thing that could happen if you followed the leading of the Holy Spirit?

Love:  John 4:4-30,39

Before reading the questions below, read the passage a couple times. Wait for God to ask you questions or highlight verses to discuss with him.

Based on what you read or already know about Samaritan’s and Jews at the time, how do you picture the woman – personality, tone, dress? How does Jesus surprise her (more than once)? What was most impressive to the woman and the townspeople [vv 29,39]? Why is this significant to the woman and the townspeople? How do you feel about Jesus knowing everything you ever did? Sit in his presence for a bit and drink in the love he has for you even knowing everything you have done. Worship him in Spirit and in truth.

Be Bold for Jesus:  Acts 4:13-20,29-31

Read from the beginning of Chapter 3 to grasp the context of this passage.

What amazes the Jewish leaders about Peter and John [vv13-14]? What do the leaders do about Peter and John’s teaching [vv17-18]? How do Peter and John reply to this warning [vv19-20]? In light of the threats, what is the prayer of the believers [vv29-30]? What are your prayers when faced with threatening situations? Pray the prayer in verses 29-30 for yourself. If you have not had threats, replace “threats” with “fears.” Now, go out and expect opportunities to speak the word of God boldly.

Depend on God: Exodus 33:1-6,12-20

Chapter 32 reveals God’s anger at the Israelites because they made an idol and bowed down to it.

Why are the people mourning in chapter 33 [vv1-6]? Why is it important that God’s Presence go with Moses and the Israelites [vv15-16]? Jesus tells his disciples in John 14:15 that the Father is giving them the Spirit of truth to be with them and in them. How important is that to you in your everyday life? How would your day be different if you began by telling God that you only want to go where His Presence is evident with you? Try it. When you pray for God’s guidance, be sure to wait for his answer. Plan breaks throughout your day or put reminders on your phone to stop and notice God’s Presence with you. Seek his guidance in all circumstances.

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